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Experts Blog

James Pogson, our director, has had 26 years experience in the tea and coffee trade. Read his views, thoughts and observations here.

After 26 years in the trade, James Pogson can be considered to have a broad experience of all things tea and coffee!

He is an executive director and president of the UKTIA, an executive director of the Food and Drink Forum, speaks regularly to interested groups on the subject of tea or coffee and has travelled to many different origins, including Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanks, Sumatra, China, El Salvador and Korea on either buying trips or at the request of national trade bodies. He is also passionate about the town he grew up in, Chesterfield, and was one of the first Chesterfield Champions.

He has appeared on TV (The Boat That Guy Built, B&B the Best and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) and given many interviews on local and national Radio.

If you have any specific questions on the subject of tea or coffee, then please don't hesitate to contact James.