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Free the flavour with a free Mr. Tea!

Posted On : Tue, 31 Oct 2017
Topic: Tea & Coffee News

Northern Tea Merchants is giving away a FREE Mr Tea^ loose leaf infuser worth 4.99 with orders over 25 from our website, using Code: MRTEA, celebrating the benefits of loose leaf tea.

Stocking over 100 different loose leaf teas, Northern Tea Merchants are experts. But why choose loose leaf tea? A few quick points below:

Leaf size

Loose leaf tea is generally larger than that in tea bags. Leaves in tea bags are often broken and crushed, to improve density. When tea is broken it loses some of its essential oils, which add flavour to the tea.

Water circulation

By not being constricted as bagged tea is, loose leaves can swell in hot water, allowing maximum flavour, colour and aroma to be released. Infusers can be used to confine the leaves if it’s the convenience of tea bags that you want, without restricting the leaves nearly as much as tea bags.


Bagged tea is pre-portioned, meaning that you’re using the same amount of leaves however you take your tea – weak or strong. Loose leaf gives you the freedom to use less, or more, avoiding waste and making sure each cup is perfectly suited to your taste.


At Northern Tea Merchants, loose tea is often actually cheaper than tea bags!

To see what loose leaf teas we have available, take a look around the huge variety of tea we have on offer here. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01246 232600, or pop in and see us! With the lovely Pekoe Café onsite and open six days a week, why not come by and try a cup of something different? You never know, a new favourite may make its way into your order.


^Mr Tea is strictly limited stock and colour may vary.

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