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Tea and coffee of the month for February 2016

Posted On : Mon, 1 Feb 2016
Topic: Tea & Coffee of the Month

Each month we will be choosing a special tea and coffee, in order to whet your appetite and enable you to get a feel for each of our blends. For the month of February, we bring you Formosa Lapsang Tea and Mexican Maragogype Coffee:

Tea of the month: Formosa Lapsang Tea

The art of 'tea smoking' has been perfected by the Chinese, but it is foolish to overlook this gem from Taiwan. A gently smoked oolong tea, it is easy to discern the exotic woods used in the smoking process. It is ideal after an Oriental meal or as a digestif after a heavy lunch.

Read more about our Formosa Lapsang Tea here.


Coffee of the month: Mexican Maragogype Coffee

Mexico has been producing coffee since the late 1790s but did not produce any significant amounts until the late 19th century. Mexico is the 8th largest producer of coffee in the world the majority of coffee produced is Arabica with the main growing areas being Chiapas and Soconusco.

Read more about our Mexican Maragogype Coffee here.

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