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Green Coffee Beans

Our high quality Green Coffee Beans allow you to enjoy the rewards of roasting and preparing your own coffee.

Coffee is actually a small red fruit and it is the inner seed, or bean, that is dried and becomes the green coffee that is then roasted or cooked, becoming brown in the process, leaving it ready to be brewed. Unlike the roasted bean, Green Coffee Beans can be stored for a long time yet still become fresh and aromatic after roasting.

Without roasting, however, a beverage made from the green coffee bean would be bitter and extremely acidic and, in short, almost undrinkable.

Roasting is a simple process and can be done exactly to your depth of taste which is why we don’t suggest a roast depth for our Green Coffee Beans.

All our Green Coffee Beans are available in 1kg packs only.

Also, to save any confusion, Green Coffee Beans



Brazilian Santos Green Coffee Beans

Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee. Much of it is used

Colombian Decaffeinated Green Coffee Beans

This Colombian Decaffeinated coffee tastes surprisingly like its

Colombian Medellin Excelso Green Coffee Beans

Colombia is the world's second largest coffee producer. It is grown at

Costa Rica Tarrazu Green Coffee Beans

Costa Rica Tarrazu is a full-bodied coffee with a pleasant acidity.

Cuban Serrano Green Coffee Beans

Best medium roasted. This coffee produces a fat flavour, with plenty of

Indian Monsooned Malabar Green Coffee Beans

After picking and depulping, this coffee is dried in open walled sheds by

Kenya AA Green Coffee Beans

In our opinion this is one of the best coffees there is! AA generally

Kenya Blue Mountain Green Coffee Beans

Kenyan coffees are among the worlds best. Grown on the high plateau of

Peru Chanchamayo Green Coffee Beans

Coffee from the Chanchamayo Valley, about 200 miles east of Lima, in the