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Indian Coffees

We use a very reputable and well-known source for our fine range of Indian Coffees — Allana Co-Operative. It is a long-established coffee producer and miller which dries the coffee in many ways including the monsoon method which involves drying coffee in open-walled sheds in the monsoon winds. This adds flavour and character to the coffee.

Allana Co-Operative grows coffee in Mysore, Coorg, Hassan, Chickmaglur and the Nilgiris. These coffees are sometimes blended, on our behalf, at their mills (see Indian Tiger Stripe Espresso Blend).

We are sure you will agree that their coffees are representative of some of the best that India has to offer.


Indian Cherry Robusta

There are very few companies on the internet that offer a Robusta coffee.

Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee

This coffee is dried by the monsoon winds in open-walled sheds after

Indian Monsooned Malabar Dark Roast

Like the medium version, this coffee is dried by the monsoon winds in

Indian Mysore Plantation A Coffee

A low acidity coffee that has a pleasant taste and is popular with our