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4-cup cobalt 'Betty' teapot

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4-cup cobalt 'Betty' teapot

4-cup cobalt 'Betty' teapot

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The cobalt Betty teapot, in a rich shade of blue, is a new twist on the classic brown Betty teapot. Each pot bears a Union Jack sticker to show its true British workmanship and a swing tag giving the history of the unique Betty teapot.

Based on the original Betty teapot design and specifications, this English teapot is manufactured in England by Adderley Ceramics to specifications dating back to the 17th Century.

The original 'Brown Betty' teapots came from a red clay that was discovered in the Stoke-on-Trent area of Britain, in 1695. This special clay seemed to retain heat better and so found use as the material for the teapot as early as the seventeenth century. These early pots were tall and shaped more like coffee pots. In the nineteenth century the pots began to take on the more rounded shape of the modern Brown Betty. The Rockingham Glaze was brushed on the pot and allowed to run down the sides, creating a streaky finish as it was fired.

In the Victorian era, when tea was at its peak of popularity, tea brewed in the Brown Betty was considered excellent. This was attributed to the design of the pot which allowed the tea leaves more freedom to swirl around as the water was poured into the pot, releasing more flavour with less bitterness

This pot is also available in a 2-cup size and in the orginal brown.