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8 cup Sowden SoftBrew 'Oskar' coffee pot

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8 Cup Sowden SoftBrew 'Oskar' coffee pot

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We LOVE the Sowden SoftBrew range. Not only stylish, it makes fantastic coffee too.

The graceful Oskar coffee pot for SoftBrew coffee takes a fresh look at how coffee is brewed.

Its designer, George Sowden, saw the opportunity to apply modern manufacturing methods and materials to the simplest of time-proven brewing methods; that is, pouring hot water over ground coffee and letting it steep.

By using photoetching technology Sowden has developed a microthin filter with more than half a million microscopic holes. The filter is easily removed and dshwasher safe.

It comes with a handy Sowden Softbrew scoop which holds up to 7 grams of coffee so you control the strength to your liking.

The hollow handle doesn't get hot and has a thumb rest that helps to keep the jug steady even when full.

Find out more about the innovative Softbrew coffee system here