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8 Cup Sowdon SoftBrew Coffee Pot - Wine Red

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8 Cup Sowden SoftBrew Coffee Pot - Wine Red

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We think 'hot pink' is a more apt description of the lid of this beautiful Sowden Softbrew Pot. Style statements aside, the Sowden Softbrew Coffee Pot makes delicious coffee which doesn't over brew.

SoftBrew™ is based on the simple infusion method called cupping used by all professional tasters to evaluate the quality and price of the world’s finest coffees.

At the centre of the SoftBrew™ porcelain pot is an oversized stainless steel micro-etched filter where you place the desired amount of ground coffee and over which you pour the water, creating a ‘bloom’ as the coffee releases its fragrance and flavours, and is left to steep for about 4 minutes.

You can learn more about the Sowden SoftBrew™ coffee method here