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50g Arunachal Pradesh Green Tea

125g Arunachal Pradesh Green Tea

Arunachal Pradesh Green Tea

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Another green tea from India, Arunachal Pradesh is an Indian state that borders on Assam to its south, and China in the North.

Tea from Arunachal Pradesh is produced from young bushes, which produce better quality leaf, and has a delightful, Darjeeling-esque flavour. It is rare to see teas from Arunachal Pradesh, and we are delighted to offer it here.

Brewing hints: Brew for 3 to 5 minutes in water at 85 degrees Celsius.

Leaf: A very, very dark green (almost black tea) with neat well-made, rolled leaves. The quality of the pick is evident.

Origin: Arunachal Pradesh, north of Assam.

Characteristics: A fragrant pungent green tea.

Serving suggestions: Best drunk without milk.


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