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1 x Blooming Tea Ball

Blooming Tea

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These hand-rolled blooming teas, blossom into either a red or yellow flower when steeped in hot water. Use with a glass teapot to get the full effect. Each ball can be used for up to three infusions.

Blooming teas are all hand-made and require careful brewing to get the best from them. They should be served in a glass pot that is at least 6 inches tall, and water should be used that is no more than 80-85⁰C.

Our Red and Yellow Flower Burst Teas (depending on availability) are excellent examples of the Chinese art of binding buds together and incorporating flowers (in our case, yellow or red chrysanthemums) into a tight ball that blooms when hot water is applied. Other shapes, such as towers or even seated Buddha’s are also popular in China. The name for our tea balls is Lu Mu Dan and they were used as a tribute tea from the Chinese Chairman, Hu Jintao on a recent visit to Russia. Lu Mu Dan is a rare example of poetry and aesthetics combining to offer truly surprising aromatic notes and a clear, sweet, almost honeyed liquor. A tea fit for a King (or Queen, or Chairman!)

The tea leaves used for making Lu Mu Dan were harvested around the Gu Yu season and followed a very strict set of rules known as the "Three Set of Standards and Six Do Not Pick".

The "Three Set of Standards" dictate that the harvesting must be limited to:
1. Areas within the high mountains
2. Clean and unpolluted area
3. Di Shui Xiang tea plant variety, which is renowned for its quality and excellent fragrance

The "Six Do Not Pick" are:
1. Do not pick damaged leaves
2. Do not pick leaves with fish scale appearance
3. Do not pick on rainy days
4. Do not pick leaves that have traces of purple color
5. Do not pick frail leaves
6. Do not pick leaves that are not up to standard


Leaf: Tightly hand-tied balls of White and Green leaves

Origin: Fujian, China

Characteristics: A very delicate, pleasant flavour

Serving Suggestions: Preferably with company as this tea has a wow factor!

NB. These blossoming teas are all handmade and as a result supply can be sporadic. We always have blooming teas in stock but varieties may vary. Price is per tea ball however they can be used for up to three infusions.Brewing Hints: Brew until it blossoms, which takes approximately five minutes. Do not stir during the brewing process.


Red Blooming Tea
Ingredients: White Tea, green tea, chrysanthemum flower.

Yellow Blooming Tea:
Ingredients: White Tea, green tea, chrysanthemum flower.