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Brazilian MC Decaffeinated Coffee

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Brazilian MC Decaffeinated Coffee

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We've been selling this decaffeinated coffee since 1979 and it has remained consistent in its colour, flavour and ease of roasting throughout that time.

Many of our customers have drunk this coffee for years and until the advent of different methods of decaffeination, this coffee was always a very good seller which did exactly what it should, which is provide a great tasting cup of coffeee which allows you to sleep at night!

Our Brazilian MC Decaffeinated Coffee is most satisfying and tastes surprisingly like its non-decaffeinated counterpart.


You can read about the process used to decaffeinate this coffee here.


Brewing Hints: Allow to brew for 4-5 minutes in a cafetiere.

Roast Depth: Medium Roast

Origin: Guaxupe, Minas Gerais, via the Port of Santos in Brazil, via a decaffeination plant on the Rhine, Germany!

Characteristics: Medium strength and acidic. Tasty!

Serving Suggestions: Can be drunk just before bedtime.