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125g Ceylon 'Dimbula' Orange Pekoe Tea

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Ceylon Dimbula Orange Pekoe Tea

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Arguably the most well-known leaf grade of tea to come from Sri Lanka. It has a lovely soft flavour that is full of character and very refreshing. This is a medium-strength brew which is ideal for a pick-me-up in the afternoon, being bright, crisp and full-bodied.

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) produces some wonderful teas, which are renowned the world over. Dimbula is one of the better growing areas in Sri Lanka, and the teas from here are defined by their gentle flavour and clean liquor. Like all districts in Ceylon, drenching monsoon rains douse the growing tea bushes and the best teas are picked at dry periods during the first months of the year.

Dimbula Orange Pekoe exhibits characteristics of a fine flavoured tea that produces a clear golden-orange hue in the cup, with a distinctive freshness that leaves a clean feeling in the mouth. The term ‘Orange Pekoe’ is a leaf grade, with the word ‘Orange’ referring to the Dutch Royal Family and implying the teas ‘Regal’ quality. Best drunk without milk, as this is a light-liquoring tea, and milk can swamp the gentle nuances of its flavour.

Brewing Hints: Infuse in freshly boiled water for four to five minutes

Leaf: Large Leaf (Orange Pekoe)

Origin: Dimbula in the Sri Lanka highlands

Characteristics: A flavoury, brightly coloured tea

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy with or without milk at any time of day