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Ceylon Uva Tea

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Uva is a tea district on the Eastern slopes of the Sri Lankan Massif, between 4,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level. Fine flavoured and highly aromatic varieties grow here, especially those from the summer production.

Cinnamon and coffee were originally Sri Lanka’s main crops, until coffee blight (leaf rust) destroyed the majority of the plantations there. Experiments by desperate planters with various other crops led a gentleman called James Taylor to try out tea planting, which was an immediate success, and saved the agricultural status of the island, as other planters and new venturers developed the Ceylon tea industry to what we know today. Most of Sri Lanka’s tea gardens lie in two areas of the south western inland part of the island, with an altitude from 200ft to 2,500 ft. The low grown teas from these areas are quite unremarkable, but the ‘high growns’ are quite something else. Uva, Dimbula and Nuwara Eliya are three smaller areas that produce excellent teas, and we have selected this Uva from St James’ estate as being one of the best we have ever tried.

Some Uvas have what could be described as an almost ‘Wintergreen’ flavour (Absinthe anyone?!). This breathy, airy quality is imparted to the leaves by the hot Cachan winds that blow over the Uva district on the eastern slopes of the central mountains, and really do make teas from this area that are grown at j u s t the right height quite unique. We like to drink this tea black, to appreciate the flavour fully, but some people may find this a little strong and wish to add a splash of milk.

Brewing Hints: Infuse in freshly boiled water for four to five minutes.

Leaf: Larger than average uniform black leaves

Origin: St James Estate, Uva, Sri Lanka

Characteristics: A fine flavour, with a delicious aroma

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy with or without milk at any time of day