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Chamomile Flowers

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Chamomile Flowers

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Chamomile flowers have been drunk in the UK since the Middle Ages and are renowned for their soothing properties and delicate floral flavour when drunk as a herbal infusion.

The word ‘Chamomile’ derives originally from a Greek word than means ‘Earth Apple’. It is a daisy-like plant from the family Asteraceae and ours is made from the sub-species Matricaria Chamomilla. Chamomile has been widely used in children and adults for thousands of years for a variety of health conditions. Today, chamomile is used as a folk or traditional remedy for sleeplessness, anxiety, and gastrointestinal conditions such as upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea. It is also used topically for skin conditions and for mouth ulcers resulting from cancer treatment.

These Egyptian Nile Delta chamomile flowers produce a delightfully soothing and refreshing drink with a bright yellow liquor that will help you relax. Well known for its healing properties, infusions of chamomile have been drunk in England since medieval times. As well as being an all-round-good-for-you drink, these Chamomile flowers taste delicious and have a delightful, sweet, apple-like flavour that is very enjoyable.


Brewing Hints: Infuse for 2 - 5 minutes depending on taste in water that has been freshly boiled.

Leaf: Not a leaf, rather the flower head of the Chamomile plant

Origin: Nile Delta, Egypt

Characteristics: Delicate floral flavour

Serving Suggestions: Drink any time of the day. A very calming drink and perfect to drink before bedtime to ease you into a restful night's sleep.