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Christmas Cookie Tea

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50g Christmas Cookie Tea

Christmas Cookie Tea

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Brew yourself a cup of festive cheer with this luxurious fruity, christmasy treat - Christmas Cookie Tea.

We’ve taken the essence of Christmas flavours and blended them together in just the right proportions to give a fruity, warming, spicy cup that will make you want to wear a Christmas hat when you drink it.

The ingredients for this tea contain Hibiscus and Rosehip shells for colours, apple pieces and orange peel for sweetness and zestiness and cinnamon and ginger to complete this festive flavour profile!

Caffeine-free, allergen free and suitable for vegans.


Brewing Hints: Let water cool for 2 minutes and then brew for 3-5minutes.

Leaf: Pieces of hibiscus, rosehip shells, apple, orange peel, cinnamon and ginger

Origin: Germany

Characteristics: Sweet, zesty, spicy, fruity and festive

Serving Suggestions: Suitable as a warming drink after a wintery walk or whilst sat by the fire.