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Christmas Green Leaf Tea

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50g Christmas Green Leaf Tea

Christmas Green Leaf Tea

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Christmas is a decadent time of the year and therefore we?ve created an exciting decadent Christmas Green Leaf Tea.

Every year we’re asked to produce a special Christmas blend. Following on from the great success of our Christmas Cookie Tea we’ve created a luxurious green tea and added pink peppercorns, chocolate chips, clove buds and icing snowflakes.

The result is a beautifully festive looking, sweet, spicy, winter wonderland tea.


Brewing Hints: Let water cool for 2 minutes and then brew for 3-5minutes.

Leaf: Green leaves with white snowflakes, pink peppercorns and red clove buds

Origin: China

Characteristics: Warming, spicy, and sweet with the astringency of green tea.

Serving Suggestions: Suitable as a warming drink after a wintery walk or whilst sat by the fire.