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Chunbo Myung Green Tea

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50g Chunbo Myung Green Tea

Chunbo Myung Green Tea

Available £84.00 In Stock!

Chunbo Dawon is also known as the 'Heavenly Treasured Tea Estate' and Boseong County is known as the capital of Korean tea and Chunbo Dawon is located in the South of this beautifully mountainous, misty part of the world.

Again Mr Pyong-Sik Moon produced by-hand another amazing tea, worthy of critical acclaim. The Green Tea’s which Mr Moon produces are of the finest quality and are amongst the best green tea’s I have ever tasted.

Prefer black tea? We also sell the Chunbo Myung Black Tea and you can find out more about Mr Pyong-Sik Moon and his Chunbo Dawon Tea Garden here.

Brewing Hints:
Infuse for three to five minutes depending on taste, in water that is about 80C.

Leaf Grade: FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe)

Origin: Chunbo Dawon Tea Garden, Boseong County, South Korea

Characteristics: Outstanding taste, aroma and colour due to the careful selection of buds, gentle time-honoured manufacturing processes and the character imparted to the sale of this tea by Mr Pyong-Sik Moon

Serving Suggestions: At this price this is a tea for showing off! Best served in bowls following traditional oriental tea-making methods. Sip slowly and savour.