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Colombian Decaffeinated Green Coffee Beans

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Colombian Decaffeinated Green Coffee Beans

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This Colombian Decaffeinated coffee tastes surprisingly like its non-decaffeinated counterpart! It is most satisfying and allows one to sleep at night!

We also offer these beans without decaffeination in two roasts and also green beans:
Colombian Medellin Excelso Coffee
Colombian Continental Roast Coffee
Colombian Medellin Excelso Green Coffee Bean


Brewing Hints: Allow to brew for 4-5 minutes in a cafetiere.

Roast Depth: Green - raw coffee.

Origin: This coffee is contributed to by literally hundreds of thousands of smallholders throughout Colombia. The Colombian Government is very strict about what is exported, and so our Colombian Decaffeinated Green Coffee is a good quality, consistent coffee.

Characteristics: Well-balanced in aroma, acidity and body.

Serving Suggestions: Can be drunk just before bedtime.