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Colombian Medellin Excelso Green Coffee Beans

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Colombian Medellin Excelso Green Coffee Beans

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Colombia is the world's second largest coffee producer. It is grown at high altitudes by smallholding farmers and large co-operatives. The rich volcanic soil grows a coffee that is very well balanced in aroma, acidity and body.

We also offer these beans in 2 roasts and also decaffeinated green beans:
Colombian Medellin Excelso Coffee
Colombian Continental Roast Coffee
Colombian Decaffeinated Green Coffee Beans

Brewing Hints: Brew for 3 - 4 minutes in a cafetiere

Roast Depth: Medium Roast Coffee

Origin: This coffee is contributed to by literally hundreds of thousands of smallholders throughout Colombia. The Colombian Government is very strict about what is exported, and so Medellin Excelso is a good quality, consistent coffee.

Characteristics: Well-balanced in aroma, acidity and body. Very popular!

Serving Suggestions: Drink at any time of day or evening