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Cuban Serrano Coffee

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Cuban Serrano Coffee

Available from £3.00 to £23.50 In Stock!

A medium roasted coffee that produces a fat flavour, with plenty of body and mouthfeel, that will energise and enliven!

This coffee is produced in the traditional manner (natural process) in the shade of the forest of the Sierra Maestra Mountains and is produced in small batches. All Cuban Serrano is hand-picked and produced in the main by small holders. Cubas coffee harvest is significantly smaller than it was prior to the 1956 revolution, at that time Cuba was producing approx. 20,000 tonnes per year. Today this production level has plummeted to approx. 8,000 tonnes. In Cuba coffee is strictly rationed to 2 ounces per adult every 2 weeks, and coffee is served strong and sweet with the majority of Cubans enjoying their coffee being served as a ‘doppio con leche’. This would be a classic Café Cubano.

The coffee that we have comes from the 2,700 tonnes that are / will be produced in this area between the 1st January and 31st March 2016. From a flavour point of view, our Cuban Serrano gives an intense fat flavour with a very sweet aroma. An initial sip will reveal the richness inherent in this coffee, whilst hiding behind that is a mild red fruit mouth feel which balances the flavour perfectly.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to order significant stocks of this coffee but to be awarded an allocation is an honour and we are delighted to be able to offer this Cuban Serrano to you.

Brewing Hints: Cuban coffees benefit from being brewed for a while. Allow 4 minutes or so in a cafetiere.

Roast Depth: Medium Roast

Origin: Cuba

Characteristics: A fully flavoured, full bodied and tasty coffee

Serving Suggestions: Can be drunk at any time of day.

This was our Coffee of the Month in March 2015