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40 English Breakfast Tea Bags

English Breakfast Tea Bags

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Northern Tea Merchant's English Breakfast Blend is a faithful reproduction of tea that would have been enjoyed in the 1930's by connoisseurs all over England. The tea estates used in the blend are owned by some of the oldest tea companies in India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The maltiness, strength and pungency of the Assam is perfectly complimented by the characterful and beautifully flavoured Ceylon. These teas all contribute to a blend that sets you up for the day, and will refresh a jaded palate after a day without tea! It can be quite rightly be called 'Builder's Tea', because of the document produced in 1916 by the Department of Munitions which states the efficacy of tea in the manual workplace. It stated 'An opportunity for tea is regarded as beneficial both to health and output.' and was a green light for builders and other manual labourers to enjoy their strong and well-blended tea in the workplace! 'Put the kettle on, mother!'

Brewing Hints: Infuse in boiling water for three to four minutes

Leaf: Pekoe fannings (Small Leaf)

Origin: Ceylon and India

Characteristics: A full bodied, fragrant blend with a coppery coloured brightness

Serving Suggestions: Drink with milk as an accompaniment to breakfast foods such as eggs and bacon, or toast and marmalade.