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Brazilian Coopertiva Dos Cafe Regiao Lajinha Fairtade Coffee

Fairtrade Brazilian Coopertiva Dos Cafe Regiao Lajinha Coffee

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Classified as a screen 15 upwards coffee, which means the bean is larger in size and more dense, producing a well-rounded flavour. This coffee can be definitely classed as a 'fine cup!'

Brewing Hints: Brew in a cafetiere for 4 - 5 minutes to get the best from this coffee. It will also work well in an espresso machine on a 20 second extraction.

Roast Depth: A medium Roast Coffee

Origin: Lajihna, Brazil

Characteristics: A sweet, well rounded coffee, typical of Brazil's finest.

Serving Suggestions: All day!


CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - Please see our Colombian Expocafe Fairtrade Coffee page for an alternative.