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Formosa Oolong Extra Toppest Oriental Beauty

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50g Formosa Oolong Extra Toppest Oriental Beauty

125g Formosa Oolong Extra Toppest Oriental Beauty

Formosa Oolong Extra Toppest Oriental Beauty

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(Also known as Bai Hao Oolong). Bai Hao Oolongs are plucked in the early summer, about a month later than other Oolongs in the Nantou region of Taiwan.

Over this month long period the tea leaves are naturally torn while they are still alive on the plant at almost a microscopic level. Much like our muscles, when tea leaves are naturally torn, its reaction is to send as many nutrients to the damaged part of the leaf to help rebuild it stronger than it was before. It is at this very moment that the tea farmers pluck the leaves, by hand thus retaining all the extra nutrients. The tea is then oxidized for a long time (giving it a darker colour) and then fired to help retain the flavour. The end result is a truly magnificent large leaf tea with a delicate liquor and a wonderful aroma with notes of orange and honey and distinctive Formosan floral character.

Brewing hints: Infuse in water at 85 degrees Celsius for 2 to 4 minutes.

Leaf: Beautifully formed hand-rolled large black leaves.

Origin: Nantou.

Characteristics: A clean liquor, a delightful aroma and notes of orange and honey.

Serving suggestions: This tea is arguably one of the finest teas the world has to offer, so drink it as a treat or when you want to REALLY impress dinner guests.