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Formosa Pouchong Tea

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Formosa Pouchong tea is a form of Oolong tea and was first exported under the name of Formosa Pouching. Pouchong oolong, also called light oolong, is a lightly fermented tea, with a well-twisted shape, with floral notes, and usually not roasted, somewhere between green tea and what is usually considered Oolong tea. It is often classified as the latter due to its lack of sharp green tea flavours.

Brewing Hints: Infuse in boiling water for three to five minutes

Leaf: Large tightly rolled leaves

Origin: Formosa (Taiwan), Nantou

Characteristics: A beautiful balance of green tea freshness and floral notes making it a wonderfully refreshing and delightful drink.

Serving Suggestions: Drink without milk. An excellent tea to refresh a jaded palate at any time of the day.