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Golden Monkey King Tea

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Known as Jin Hou Cha in China, Golden Monkey King Tea is a rare black tea from the Fujian province in China.

With golden buds and leaves that look like long elegant twists, it is beautiful to look at. The colour of the liquor is a deep burnt caramel and gives a slightly smoky aroma with accents of ripe apricot and hay drying in the sunshine. Some people once believed that monkeys were able to pick particularly high quality tea due to their small hands. Although this is not practiced in reality and never has been, the name Golden Monkey indicates the care that has been taken in producing this rare tea and the curled brown form of the tea leaf resembling a monkey’s paw.

Brewing hints: Brew for 3 to 5 minutes in water at about 85 degrees Celsius.

Leaf: Long elegantly twisted leaves with plenty of golden buds.

Origin: Fujian.

Characteristics: A deep brown liquor with a gentle smokiness that compliments the flavours of ripe apricot and drying hay.

Serving suggestions: This fine Chinese tea is ideal with authentic oriental meals.