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Gourmet Classic Tea Bags | Northern Tea Merchants

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40 Gourmet Classic Tea Bags

Gourmet Classic Tea Bags

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This blend of Northern Tea Merchants Gourmet Classic Tea Bags are designed to compete with (and beat!) other premium quality black teas available on the UK market.

You can read about the Gourmet Classic Tea blend that goes into these tea bags here.

Brewing Hints: Infuse for three to four minutes in freshly boiled water

Leaf: Pekoe Fannings (Small Leaf)

Origin: Rwanda, Assam, Ceylon, East of the Rift Kenya

Characteristics: Selected teas from the above sources, plucked at the height of the season produce this product of exceptional quality

Serving Suggestions: Drink with milk at any time of day. Particularly good at breakfast or afternoon tea.