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Gyokuro Tea

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Gyokuro tea is a variety of Ryokucha (green tea) and is considered the highest grade which is reflected in its price. It is picked during the first round of harvest and shaded from the sun for some time before harvest, resulting in a delightful flavour with a very delicate, pale liquor.

The word Gyokuro translates as ‘Jade Dew’ or ‘Jewel Dew’, and this tea spends its final three-week growth period completely in the shade, with lower grades only being shaded for one week. This shading, plus the use of the Asahi tea cultivar, gives the tea a delightful sweet flavour and a distinctive aroma which is easily discernable when compared to other green teas.

Brewing Hints: Brew with water at 60 degrees C for two to three minutes

Leaf: Neat, flat green leaves, flecked with hints of yellow

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Characteristics: Sweet, mild and a very smooth flavour with a pale yellow liquor

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy with a Japanese banquet or indulge in a cup at the end of the day.