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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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Our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee comes from the blue mountains of Jamaica which are located between Kingston in the South and Port Antonio in the North, and is from Stoneleigh Estate. The mountains rise to 7,500ft with coffee being planted between 3,000 and 5,500 ft. Anything grown below this is either called Jamaica High Mountain, Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain, our coffee from Stoneleigh is genuine Blue Mountain classification.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is a globally protected certification mark, and only coffee estates growing coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be sold as such.

The following (rather quaint) geographical directions define the area classified as Blue Mountain (courtesy of Wikipedia):
Starting at Skibo and proceeding in an east-south-easterly direction to Swift River;

thence east-south-easterly to Chelsea;
thence east-south-easterly to Durham (Samba Hill);
thence south-easterly to Belleview;
thence south-easterly along the western slope of the John Crow Mountain to Cedar Grove;
thence westerly to Font Hill;
thence north-westerly to Ramble;
thence westerly to Good Hope;
thence north-westerly to Dallas;
thence north-westerly to Industry Village;
thence north-westerly to Maryland;
thence north-westerly to Golden Spring;
thence northerly to Brandon Hill;
thence north-easterly to Tranquility;
thence east-north-easterly to Skibo.

Blue Mountain coffees are famous for their smoothness and delightfully mellow flavours. If you are feeling really flush, they actually make a rather good espresso.

Stoneleigh Estate is in the eastern Blue Mountains which are blessed with high-altitude, rich-soil, plentiful rainfall, warm temperatures and regular mists, which give these beans their delightful, unique character. The varietals of coffee grown on the estate is mainly typica with some geisha and covers approximately 35 acres including the factory. There are up to 100 people working, picking the coffee, 12 members of management and they produce an average of 100 tonnes per year.
Please note 2014 and therefore 2015 Jamaican crops have been reduced by at least 30% by an outbreak of leaf-rust on the island. This has also happened in Hawaii and El Salvador in particular, as a result the coffee has increased in price and decreased in availability. We have contracts in place which will cover approximately 1 tonne of coffee per year and therefore should be able to offer good availability throughout 2015.


Brewing Hints: Brew for 3-5 minutes cafetiere using water that is just off of the boil

Roast Depth: A light to medium roast

Origin: Stoneleigh Estate, 4 Dilcoosha Avenue, Kgn 10, Jamaica

Characteristics: Soft, mellow, smooth, medium roasted beans

Serving Suggestions: When you really want to impress