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Katie Alice 3 storage tin set

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Katie Alice 3 storage tin set

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A set of 3 storage tins for tea, coffee and sugar from the Katie Alice 'Cottage Flower' collection.

Cottage Flower was the first Katie Alice design for Creative Tops and for that reason holds an enduring fondness for many.

Store your tea, coffee and sugar in this really pretty set of tin storage jars from the gorgeous shabby chic Katie Alice collection and add that touch of vintage charm to your kitchen. Each tin is finished in a high gloss protective coating which will ensure they do not get marked easily.

Northamptonshire born lifestyle designer Katie Alice, lives and works from her beautiful cottage in rural Northamptonshire. Together with her husband Justin, she runs the local village pub and is a very important part of village life. Life revolves around the pub and her home. The food and ambience of the pub reflect her desire for everything authentic, fresh and sustainable. As well as a keen eye for emerging interior design trends, Katie is a self taught artist and her home is a fascinating blend of clean and airy lines, sprinkled with beautiful patterns. With an eye for detail, her home reflects how she and her husband live their lives, surrounding themselves with colour and inspiration taken from the
natural world around them.

Dimensions: H: 138mm , Dia: 107mm