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Keemun Mao Feng Tea

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Mao Feng translates as 'Fur Peak'. This was a tribute tea to an Emperor and is still considered to be one of the finest examples of Keemun tea produced today. This is a clean needle-like tea with a slight floral overtone. Many people prefer to brew a small amount of this tea for a longer time than usual (up to seven minutes) to bring out more interesting tones in the Keemun Mao Feng Tea.

Grown in the Yellow Mountain region of Anhui for over 300 years, Hong Mao Feng is made of only whole leaf buds harvested in early spring. Its smooth robust flavour is typical of a full-bodied Yunnan but its richness is accentuated by top notes of violet and honey, adding a floral lift to the distinct maltiness and pine that forms the powerful basis of this tea. Its naturally curled leaf is similar in shape to Mao Feng green tea. Hong means 'red', relating to the fact that the Chinese call their black tea 'red tea', because of the colour of the liquor. Mao Feng means 'fur peak' in reference to the soft downy white hair on the young buds of this tea and the pointed shape of the leaves. Used as a national gift for foreign dignitaries worldwide, it was reportedly presented to Queen Victoria on her birthday and became one of her favourite teas.

Brewing Hints: Infuse in boiling water for about five to seven minutes

Leaf: Needle-like strips of very black leaf

Origin: Anhui Province in China

Characteristics: Clean, slightly floral, smooth and made using only one leaf and a bud.

Serving Suggestions: Drink without milk, but can also be drunk with lemon

This was our Tea of the Month in January 2015