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Keemun Tea

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Keemun tea is produced in Qimen County in Anhui Province. It is one of our favourites. This is a lovely tea with a large leaf that produces a mellow, light coloured liquor. For those who have no experience of drinking China tea, it is a good one to start with. It is also claimed to have less tannin than other teas. Keemun is also used as a base tea for many of the China teas we sell. Our Keemun tea has chocolatey, smooth and slightly sweet tones.

One of the finest large leaf black teas in China, Keemun is actually a fairly ‘modern’ tea that has been made since 1875. A failed Chinese Civil Servant, Mr Yu Ganchen, who hailed from Anhui, visited Fujian to learn the secrets of black tea making. Prior to Mr Yu's return, Anhui had only ever produced green tea, and the teas that he produced using the additional processes of fermenting and drying were the first black teas ever made there. Keemun Tea became hugely popular in England for many years and is still used widely in Large Leaf Breakfast Blends to this day. Keemun has a slightly smoky flavour, and has hints of biscuit and pine nut, and the aroma of the infusion has been described as ‘Orchid-like’. Definitely a tea to lift one’s little finger to!

Typically drunk without milk or sugar but is actually quite enjoyable with milk.

There is also a variety of Keemun called Mao Feng which means Fur Peak and is produced in much lower volumes, noted for its smooth, elegant flavour which is delightfully different, to that of standard Keemun.

Brewing Hints: Infuse in boiling water for about five minutes

Leaf: Thin, twisted strips of very black leaves

Origin: Qimen County in Anhui Province

Characteristics: A light, mellow liquor with a heady perfume and delicate flavour

Serving Suggestions: Often drunk with lemon juice. Excellent with lightly spiced foods or after a main meal


This was our Tea of the Month on January 2015