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Kenya Blue Mountain Coffee

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Kenya Blue Mountain Coffee

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Kenyan coffees are among the worlds best. Grown on the high plateau of Mount Elgon, this results in a coffee intense with flavour, full body and a pleasant aroma with notes of cocoa.

Personally I enjoy rounded smooth coffees and although Kenyan coffees are often described as having pronounced acidity, Kenya Blue Mountain has significant other attributes which compliments the acidity in its cup profile. It is a full-bodied, high-quality example of an excellent coffee.

Coffee growing came late to Kenya and the first estates were planted by French Monks, perfected by the British and is now almost entirely in the hands of Kenyan owners. In Kenya coffee is grown by both small-holders and on large plantations. Although the main growing area stretches south from the slopes of 17,000 foot Mount Kenya until reaching the outskirts of Nairobi, there is a second smaller growing area on the slopes of Mount Elgon on the borders of Uganda and Kenya. Kenya Blue Mountain comes from this second smaller growing area and in my opinion is one the best coffees to come from Kenya.

We roast all of our Kenyan coffees at a full medium roast which develops the sweetness and roundedness of the flavour whilst reducing some of the bright acidity.

It is an all-day drinker – gets you going in the morning and revitalises you in the late afternoon!

Brewing Hints: Brew for 3-4 minutes in a cafetiere or use a filter machine. Don't let Kenya Coffee stew!

Roast Height: Medium Roast

Origin: Mount Kenya, near Nairobi, and Mount Elgon on the border of Uganda and Kenya

Characteristics: A full-bodied richness with a striking winey aftertaste

Serving Suggestions: Drink at any time of day. Kenya Coffee likes milk!

This was our Coffee of the Month in February 2015