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Pu-Er' Superior

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Pu'Er Superior

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Our Pu'Er tea is an eight-year old matured Chinese cave tea. This tea has been composted as part of the production process and because of this it is IMPERATIVE to pour away the first infusion of the leaves. By the fourth infusion, Pu'Er Superior tea almost takes on plummy overtones. This tea is considered a delicacy in China.

Brewing Hints: This tea is designed to be re-brewed four or five times. The flavour changes, and the ungency diminishes with each re-infuse. It is IMPERATIVE the first infusion is discarded.

Leaf: Small, medum-sized dark brown, almost black leaves

Origin: Pu'Er in Southern China

Characteristics: An acquired taste but one that can be quite rewarding and is very popular in China.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy Pu'Er at the same time you would enjoy a single malt whisky