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Red Berry Mix

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Red Berry Mix

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A mix of dried fruits, including hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces and orange peel are milled to make this beautifully scented red berry mix herbal infusion. Add a bit of honey to sweeten this tea if you wish.

This herbal infusion contains no tea and can be classed as a tisane. Creating this blend was great fun but we were surprised at how long it took. It is easy to create a blend that smells nice but lacks flavour and after trialing several different blends, we arrived at the recipe for this tisane and were delighted with its flavour as well as its aroma.

One of our most popular fruit infusions, our Red Berry Mix is served in hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars throughout the United Kingdom. It has a beautiful pinkish-red liquor and contains a wonderful mix of flavoursome dried fruits. The flavour is very balanced and contains both sweet and astringent elements. It has been described as ‘everything that is great about the summer’ and is also caffeine free, which means it is ideal for serving to both adults and children alike. It can be chilled and even frozen to make beautifully flavoured, brightly coloured ice-cubes.

We also sell the hibiscus sepals that are used in this product separately as Hibiscus Flowers here.

Prefer tea temples for your herbal infusion? Our Red Berry Mix Tea Temples are available here

Brewing Hints: Infuse for three - five minutes depending on taste in water that has been freshly boiled.

Leaf: Dried hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces and orange peel

Origin: Nigeria (Hibiscus) and Chile (Rosehip), China (apple pieces) and Spain (orange peel)

Characteristics: Bright red liquor and highly scented

Serving Suggestions: Drink without milk. Ideal for chilling and to make a refreshing summer fruit punch. A spot of honey will sweeten the brew delightfully.


Ingredients: Hibiscus, rosehip shells (23%), apple, raspberry pieces (5%), orange peel, red fruit flavouring, strawberry flavouring.