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Sencha Fukujyu

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Sencha Fukujyu

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Otherwise known as Green Spider Leg, because of the appearance of the tea leaves, Sencha Fukujyu tea has a sweet, grassy taste and is smooth on the palate.

In Japan, tea buds begin growing in April, with this tea being picked early, whilst other teas are picked nearer maturity in July. Immediately after they are plucked they are steamed, rolled and then fired until they resemble green needles. They make a splendid tea with a mixture of subtle sweetness with a fresh grassy aroma. Slightly cool the boiled water before making tea with Sencha. Infuse for three minutes.

Brewing Hints: Brew with water at 60 degrees C for 2 or 3 minutes

Leaf: Neat, flat green leaves and stalks, flecked with hints of yellow

Origin: Japan

Characteristics: Clear, greenish liquor with a fresh, grassy flavour.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy with a Japanese banquet or indulge yourself with a cup at the end of the day.