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Sencha with Cherry Blossom

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50g Japanese Sencha with Cherry Blossom

125g Japanese Sencha with Cherry Blossom

250g Japanese Sencha with Cherry Blossom

Sencha with Cherry Blossom

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Sencha Teas are pan-fired green teas that have a beautiful vegetal flavour and a gentle, green aroma.

Mixed with blossom from the Japanese Cherry tree (Prunus Serrulata), this tea is transformed into a flavoursome, almost sweet drink that will cheer you up on a cold, dark day with its hints of Springtime.

Brewing hints: Brew with water at 65 degrees Celsius for 2 or 3 minutes.

Leaf: Neat flat green leaves and stalks, mixed with pieces of cherry blossom petals

Origin: Japan.

Characteristics: A clear greenish liquor with a strong flavour of Japanese cherry.

Serving suggestions: Enjoy hot or cold and without milk at any time of the day.


Ingredients: Green Tea, wild cherry flavouring, rose petals, cherry flavouring.