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Sumatra Lintong Coffee

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Sumatra Lintong Coffee

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Considered by some to be the world's finest coffee, Lintong is probably the most full-bodied coffee we sell.

Sumatra is well known for its high quality coffee. There are many areas in Sumatra which produce coffee with the 2 best known being Mandheling and Lintong – both are very impressive quality coffees, but our customers tend to prefer Lintong.

Our producer, based in Medan, is called Sarimakmur and is run by the Pranoto family. Sarimakmur have an excellent agronomy division and have even developed new varietals of coffee, which is extremely difficult to do.

Their coffees are hand-sorted and by these means Sarimakmur are one of the very few green coffee processors who can offer zero defect coffee

Lintong coffee is grown in the district of Lintong Nihuta to the south–west of Lake Toba. The coffee production area is 1000-1800 metres and this area produces between 15000 and 18000 tonnes of coffee each year.

Lintong coffee is famous for its full bodied flavour and intense pungency and for those who enjoy their coffee with extra strength, we also offer it in dark roast form. A cup of medium or dark roast Sumatran Coffee is perfect for when you have over-indulged…. 

Brewing Hints:  3-4 minutes in a cafetiere

Roast Depth: Medium Roast

Origin: Takengon, Sumatra

Characteristics: Very full-bodied with a strong flavour. Slightly earthy

Serving Suggestions: Drink with milk.


This was our Coffee of the Month in December 2014