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Swiss Water Process Costa Rica Decaffeinated Coffee

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Swiss Water Process Costa Rica Decaffeinated Coffee

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We have had many enquiries from our customers on the method of decaffeination used on our products. Until 5 years ago demand for decaffeinated, was such that, we simply offered one Santos MC decaffeinated coffee.

The Swiss Water Process method of decaffeination has been generally available since 1989, although initially in Canada (in Vancouver) and is a taste driven, 100% chemical free water decaffeination process that never uses methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to remove the caffeine from coffee beans. Using water only the Swiss Water Process removes 99.9% of the caffeine from the coffee beans whilst retaining the coffees unique origin, flavour, body and aroma characteristics – ie the best of the bean remains while only the caffeine is removed. Under test conditions it takes between 14 and 16 cups of Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee to deliver the equivalent caffeine of one cup of regular caffeinated coffee.

The Swiss Water Process website ( is a wonderful resource for information on the specifics of the process. Here is a link to the video which shows the process simply and yet in detail.

We picked their Costa Rica origin decaffeinated coffee as in their own words:

“Costa Rica is the coffee we envision when we close our eyes and think of Coffee. It doesn’t swing to wild Ethiopia-like floral notes, isn’t screamingly acidic like a top Kenya, and it won’t coat your tongue in velvet like Sulawesi. Costa Rica is coffee incarnate, rich body balanced with appropriate acidity and a bit of toasted marshmallow sweetness up front.

“We’ve chosen to blend coffees from two different regions: Tarrazu (rich body, nice deep acidity) and Valle Central (moderate body & acidity, sweet and clean). What do you get? Harmony.”


Brewing Hints: This coffee is best made in a cafetiere and allowed to brew for 3 - 4 minutes

Roast Depth: A shade darker than medium

Origin: San Jose and Valle Central, Costa Rica

Characteristics: A medium richness with a sweet acidity.

Serving Suggestions: Can be drunk at any time of day.