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Winter Velvet Coffee

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Winter Velvet Coffee

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Like its name, this is a smooth coffee, devised and named by our head coffee roaster, Mr John Carlile. This delicious coffee has proved extremely popular since its launch. Try it and see for yourselves!

Winter Velvet is a blend that was devised in 2005 by our head coffee roaster, John Carlile. For the last nine years it has sold really well and has become a real favourite with many of our customers. In spite of its provocative name, we think that this coffee sells well at all times of the year due to its delightfully smooth flavour, with a hint of pungency derived from the soupcon of dark roasted high-grown specially selected Indonesian Coffee.

John has been with us for 27 years (at the end of October 2014) and his expertise, his consistency in roasting, his educated palate and his no-nonsense approach, make him a well-respected coffee roaster amongst his peers. These skills are paramount when producing high-quality, evenly roasted coffees that are the same year in year out – not an easy task.

Winter Velvet is an indulgent coffee and we enjoy it most when served in a cafetiere with cream and one of our delicious toasted tea-cakes or after a filling evening meal! (A good digestive.)

Brewing Hints:
Brew for 3 - 4 minutes in a cafetiere or use a filter machine. Makes a pleasant espresso!

Roast Depth: A mix of medium and dark coffees

Origin: Another secret blend!

Characteristics: Rich, pungent and smooth. John's triumph!

Serving Suggestions: Drink at any time of day with or without milk.

This was our Coffee of the Month in December 2016