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African Teas

The huge continent of Africa is home to many countries that grow tea. The best known tea growing nation in African is Kenya, but there are few African countries that do not grow tea of some type. Our African teas hail from Kenya and Rwanda.

As one of the most recent tea producing continents, African countries have been able to build on the experience of other producers. As a result, Africa is now a major force in world tea, producing teas of high quality and good bright colour which are used for blending all over the world. Tea producing countries in Africa include Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Mozambique producing about 32% of world exports.

Kenya is the leading African tea producing country. Much of the tea that is drunk in the UK originates from Kenya. Generally speaking, that which is grown to the East of the Rift is of a higher quality than that grown to the West of it, although some factories that are to the West of The Rift use East Rift leaf to raise the quality of their teas. Kenyan tea is bright, strong and flavourful and is used in many of the highly advertised brands. The tea estates from which we purchase our supplies include Kinoro, Gathuthi, Keigoi, Kangaita, Imenti, Rukuriri, Githambo, Mungania, Mununga, Theta and Thumaita.

The best Rwandan teas are excellent, possessing all the desirable characteristics tea should have. Tea growing in Rwanda started in 1952 and is planted on hillsides at high altitude (between 1,900 and 2,500 m), and on well drained marshes at an altitude of between 1,550 and 1,800 m. Tea is grown on 11 estates and we source ours from the superior Mata Estate, Gisovu Estate and Kitabi Estate.

Fairtrade Leaf Tea

This wonderful Fairtrade Loose Leaf Tea is from a certified Fairtrade

Fairtrade Tea Bags

The Kenyan Tea in these tea bags is from certified Fairtrade Estates from

Kenya Milima Orthodox Tea

Kenya Milima is one of the very few full leaf (Orthodox) teas made in

Kenyan Tea

Kenyan Tea is bright, strong and flavourful and is widely used in many of

Pure Kenya Tea Bags

Kenya Tea is bright, strong and flavourful. Ours is sourced from the

Rwanda Tea

The quality of the tea grown in Rwanda is among the best in the world and