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China Flavoured Teas

The majority of our flavoured teas use our popular Keemun tea as a base. They are then flavoured with a combination of oils, fruit pieces, peel or blossom resulting in a wonderfully refreshing drink which is perfect to bring back memories of summer on a drab winter's day.

Apple Tea

Our Apple Tea uses a fine quality Keemun as its base, which is then

Blooming Tea

These hand-rolled blooming teas, blossom into either a red or yellow

Chocolate Tea

"One delightful, and utterly different tea" (Laura's Tea Room blog).

Christmas Green Leaf Tea

Christmas is a decadent time of the year and therefore we?ve created an

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is a hugely popular tea. We use only 100% natural Bergamot Oil

Earl Grey Tea Bags

We use a good quality Kenyan tea as the base for our Earl Grey Tea Bags.

Jasmine Snow Lily

As well as being a flavoured tea, Jasmine Snow Lily is also what's

Jasmine Tea with Flowers

A blend of large leaf China teas containing natural Jasmine flowers. We

Jasmine Yin Hao Lotus

A blend of Chinese Gunpowder Pinhead Tea with Jasmine petals and Jasmine