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Decaffeinated Teas

It is difficult to find decaffeinated tea that doesn't taste decaffeinated, but many people choose to drink decaf as it is the only way that they can enjoy their cuppa without getting the shakes or lying awake at night. There are a plethora of decaffeinated teas available in the market and after sampling what is available we believe the decaffeinated tea we use for our leaf tea and tea bags is of a superior quality.

The majority of our herbal teas are also caffeine free. If you would like to see what we have available, you can find our herbal infusions here.

Decaffeinated Tea

A good quality Kenyan tea is used to make this decaffeinated tea and the

Decaffeinated Tea Bags

It has taken us a long time to find a decaffeinated tea that we were happy