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South Korean Teas

We know that tea was being drunk in Korea in the 5th/6th Century due to a description of a tea-offering that was made to the spirit of King Suro of the Gaya Kingdom.

Original teas in Korea were pressed cakes of black tea that are similar to Pu-Er' tea. In Korea teas are judged by the four kinds of thought that they evoke for Korean Buddhists. These thoughts are peacefulness, respectfulness, purity and quietness. With the importing of tea bushes by Buddhist Monks into Korea the country has turned to preferring more delicate flavours and green and black teas over the original pressed tea cakes.

All of South Koreas tea plantation are in the south, namely Chirisan, Boseong, Wolch'ul-san and Jeju (Chej-do) Island. The teas in South Korea are plucked due to the established dates of seasonal divisions in the Lunar calendar. All Korean tea farmers are very well-versed in the traditional tea manufacturing processes, making Korean teas an excellent choice for the most discerning tea drinkers.

Chunbo Myung Black Tea

Chunbo Dawon is also known as the 'Heavenly Treasured Tea Estate'

Chunbo Myung Green Tea

Chunbo Dawon is also known as the 'Heavenly Treasured Tea Estate'