A guide to coffee drinks

As a nation, we love coffee, but incredibly we don´t even hit the top 20 coffee consuming nations and neither does the US!

Finland tops the charts – a surprise to me when I read it. Nordic countries also make up the rest of the top five. Globally, more people are drinking coffee than ever before.

So, when you walk into a coffee shop, what kind of coffee do you order? Do you know what the different types are or do the names bamboozle you and you stick to your safe, tried and tested option?

In recent years it seems coffee has developed a language all of its own with so many different drink creations. We thought we’d give you a short guide to some of the nation’s favourites here.

Whilst the espresso is the seventh most popular coffee drink amongst Brits, it is the foundation upon which many of these coffees are built. So, what is it? It is a concentrated coffee drink, created by forcing a nominal amount (a single shot is usually 30ml of liquid and should have the made consistency of melted butter) of water through finely ground coffee beans. These are the tiny coffee drinks with a huge hit. High caffeine, thick consistency, a touch of crema. Crema is the lighter brown, slightly creamy texture on the top.

The nation’s favourite! Served in a glass, a latte (or café latte) is a milky coffee. A shot of espresso topped up with steamed milk, with only a touch of foam on the top. Often served with latte art on top!

Similar to a latte, a cappuccino is different in that it is a) served in a cup, b) made up of far more foam, and c) served with chocolate powder on top.

Served in a cup, an americano is perhaps the simplest espresso-based coffee. A shot of espresso, topped up with hot water. Can be served with milk or cream on the side.

Flat white
A flat white is also a milky coffee. A shot of espresso topped up with steamed milk, but no foam at all. Served in a cup with no chocolate on top.

Café au lait
The only coffee to make the list that is not espresso based and it’s fifth on the list of popular coffee drinks. Steamed milk and French pressed or strong drip brewed coffee are added to a cup simultaneously, with no chocolate added on top.

A mix between a hot chocolate and a cappuccino, the mocha is a favourite amongst many with a sweet tooth. A shot of espresso is added to either cocoa powder or chocolate syrup, then topped up with steamed milk and plenty of foam. Often served with chocolate powder on top.

If you have an espresso/cappucino machine, then we’ve produced a handy guide to producing a range of drinks using your machine, you can view it here.

Whether you enjoy your coffee half fat, non fat, with soy milk, extra syrup, hot, cold, iced, sweetened… What is important is that you enjoy every mouthful. Make sure that you base your coffee on excellent beans, perfectly suited to your taste, and don’t hesitate to pop in for a chat – we’re happy to help you discover your new favourite. Alternatively, discover our large range of coffee’s here.

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