Assam Tippy Orthodox Tea

Brewing Hints: Brew for four minutes in water at about 85 degrees C. It is best to let the kettle cool a little!

Leaf: Large, well twisted wiry leaves

Origin: Phulbari Estate, Western Dooars Region, India

Characteristics: Pungent and flavourful

Serving Suggestions: Drink ideally without milk, in the morning or as a digestif after a meal.

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Product Description

This tea is not a CTC tea and is classified as TGFOP1, which means Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe number 1, and is classed an orthodox tea. All teas were orthodox prior to the invention of the CTC manufacturing process in 1931. This tea is less strong than its CTC counterparts, yet retains its flavour and pungency.

Assam is famous for producing black teas with a pungent, astringent flavour and with a delightful character. Ideal for people who like stronger tea, this Phulbari Assam has a maltiness and strength that defines the characteristics of this growing area.

We use the Phulbari Estate for two reasons. The first (and most important) is that it is consistently excellent quality. The second reason is that the area was planted by a C.J. Pillans, in 1897, indeed one of the nearby mountains was named after him, and is called Pillans Hat, and his descendants remain customers of ours to this day, always enjoying the pungency and refinement of this excellent tea!




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