Triple Flower Bursts

Leaf: Hand-rolled Green tea leaves, Chrysanthemum Lily, Jasmine and Osmanthus flowers fashioned into a blooming tea pellet.

Origin: China

Characteristics: A golden infusion with a quality green tea flavour, with overtones of peach, jasmine and lily

Serving Suggestions: Best served in a glass teapot so the full blossoming tea effect can be observed.

Brewing Hints: Boil your kettle and allow to cool for two minutes, then infuse the blossoming tea pellet for 3-5 minutes. Do not stir during the brewing process.

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Product Description

From the Yunnan province in Southern China this is a Yunnan green tea hand tied around Chrysanthemum Lily, Jasmine and Osmanthus flowers.

Yunnan is the largest producer of flowers in China, and very famous for its tea. This makes it only natural for the local tea artisans to create a tea combining the two. The idea behind this tea is that as it brews, it unfolds and mimics the way that the lush Yunnan countryside bursts open with colour in the spring.

The liquor is bright and golden with a full green tea taste, layered with overtones of peach, jasmine and lily. Best brewed in a glass cup or teapot so the beauty of the tea can be viewed.


Ingredients: Green Tea, Chrysanthemum Lily, Jasmine, Osmanthus Flowers



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