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Daterra Bourbon Collection Coffee

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Brewing Hints: A mid 20 second extraction with water at 96 degrees with a firm tamp.

Roast Depth: Dark (Italian roast)

Origin: Daterra Coffee Estate, Cerrado (which covers 6 huge Brazilian states), Brazil

Characteristics: Chocolate covered fruits with a touch of spiced and caramel sweetness, complimented with a moderate fruity acidity and a full bodied cup.

Serving Suggestions: Drink whenever you feel like a very high quality Espresso.

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Product Description

Blending yellow and red bourbon varietals to make a coffee which had yet to be produced, is what was in mind when this blend was created at the excellent Daterra Coffee Estate in Brazil.

Yellow bourbon varietal is a native Brazilian coffee which also spontaneously mutated into the red bourbon varietal. Daterra blends these two green coffees and after we have added our own roasting skill, we produce a blend with the intense aroma of molasses and chocolate with a hint of spiciness and citrus. This coffee is one of the most elegant espresso coffees we sell. In the cup its flavour is of chocolate covered fruits, a touch of spice and a delightful caramel sweetness. It has a gentle fruity acidity and a full bodied flavour with a velvety, syrupy umami.

Daterra is one of our favourite coffee estates and we stock their Daterra Sweet Yellow Coffee and also use their Bruzzi coffee beans in some of our higher quality coffee blends. We’ve been dealing with them since 2005 when I first visited Brazil. I have fond memories of their excellent hospitality but the overall impression that I was left with after staying on the Estate for a few days, attending a production and agricultural meetings (held in English as a courtesy to me) was one of technical excellence, commitment to quality, concern for the community and excellent environmental standards.

The coffees in this blend are classed as pulped or semi washed and are dried using a mixture of patio drying and drum drying. Once dry the beans are sorted for size and density and colour using an electronic penta-chromatic sorter. We have the beans vacuum packed into 24kg packs to ensure they remain farm fresh until the minute we roast them.

To get the best from this coffee it is important to have the grind set perfectly for the espresso machine that you are using. Due to the complete absence of Robusta in this blend the correct grind is imperative. It is probably best to buy this coffee as beans and grind them yourself.



1 review for Daterra Bourbon Collection Coffee

  1. Rebecca Kirk (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite! Have been using these beans for a few years now and have been unable to find anything else which comes close. Love the chocolatey notes!

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