Decaffeinated Large Leaf English Breakfast Tea

Brewing Hints: Brew for three to five minutes before serving

Leaf: Large, black, wiry leaves (TGFOP1 – Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)

Origin: China and India

Characteristics: A bright, brisk pleasantly flavoured, superior quality tea. Better than most decaffeinated teas currently available.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy after a meal, or with your breakfast at a weekend!

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Product Description

Our Large Leaf English Breakfast Tea is a hugely popular blend that was originally created by my Grandfather in the mid-late 1930’s, prior to the ‘invention’ of small leaf (CTC) tea.

It sells as it has done since its launch, and has many dedicated followers.

Recently, we had an enquiry on our website about the possibility of sourcing a decaffeinated version of this blend, and so we’re pleased to offer this Decaffeinated Large Leaf English Breakfast Tea. Decaffeinated using the CO2 process, this blend uses similar teas to those which our owner’s Grandfather selected, although we want to stress that this is not our own blend that has been decaffeinated, due to the massive amounts of tea required for the decaffeination process to be carried out, but is still one we’re prepared to put our name to, and the origins / districts used for the constituent teas are close to those we would have selected ourselves.

In the cup, this blend gives an reddish, bright liquor, and a pungent flavour, which is surprising (and pleasing), as many decaffeinated teas are less full-bodied due to the removal of caffeine, which is part of the complex flavanol compounds naturally found in tea. This tea is expensive, we were surprised how much it cost to buy in, but based on the decaffeination processes involved, the shipping costs (via the decaffeination plants in Germany), and the quality of the teas used, we believe it’s worth it!



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