Hojicha Tea

Brewing Hints: Brew with boiling water for 30 – 90 seconds

Leaf: Toasty brown leaves with a sweet, biscuity smell

Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Characteristics: A rich, amber liquor with a savoury aroma and flavour. A pleasant experience!

Serving Suggestions: Serve this tea after a starter as a digestif to pre-main course. But drink it at any time. It’s a free country!

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Product Description

This is a very different tea indeed and was created when a Kyoto Merchant experimented with roasting to extend the shelf life of his green leaves. The heat from the roasting triggers chemical changes in the leaves, causing Hojicha Tea to have a sweet, slightly caramel-like aroma. The roasting process is also responsible for the tea’s characteristic reddish-brown colour.




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