Indian Cherry Robusta

Brewing Hints: Brew for 3-4 minutes in a cafetiere or a mid-20seconds extraction in an Espresso machine

Roast depth: Medium to dark roast

Origin: Chickmaglur and Koorg, India, processed and sold by Allanasons

Characteristics: A strong astringent very full-bodied coffee with a huge shot of caffeine

Serving Suggestions: Although Robusta is quite drinkable and enjoyable on its own particularly with sugar and lots of milk, this is a coffee for blending with. As a rule of thumb one would add this too either Indian, Brazillian, Peruvian Arabica etc coffees at about 30%. This will ensure that an excellent crema will be produced without the bitterness (or finish!) of the Robusta encroaching on the flavour of the coffees it is blended with.

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Product Description

There are very few companies on the internet that offer a Robusta coffee. We offer it here as an ingredient for blending, particularly in espresso blends, or for those who like a more astringent brew.

Robusta coffee is a different species to Arabica, its Latin name is Coffea Canephora. Normally Robusta would be used in instant coffees but has also found a worthy place in espresso blends. Robusta is more hardy and yields larger amounts of berries than Arabica and it will grow from sea-level up to around 1200ft. Arabica however will not grow below 900ft. Robusta also has more anti-oxidants than Arabica and almost double the amount of caffeine. About 30% of global coffee production is Robusta with the biggest producer being Vietnam, followed by Brazil, Indonesia, India and Uganda. Its astringency, which can also be described as bitterness stems from a compound called Pyrazine.

Robusta is used primarily as something to blend with Arabica to reduce the price of the finished product (please note all of our coffees available on this website are 100% Arabica unless otherwise stated). Although Robusta may be maligned by certain coffee aficionados many people do not realise that there are blends which will benefit from its inclusion. Northern Tea Merchants only buy Indian Cherry Robusta (India accounts for 6% of global Robusta production) because of its amazing crema-producing qualities. Almost two decades ago we only used Ugandan Robusta but with the massive increase in demand for Espresso coffees we found that Indian Robusta suited Espresso far better. One of the most popular coffees we sell that contains Indian Cherry Robusta is our sought after Indian Tiger Stripe blend which makes such a good crema in both commercial and domestic Espresso machines that this blend has become many of our customers go too coffee. Many customers comment on the way that their espresso tans like a tiny pint of Guinness and it is also an extremely forgiving coffee when used commercially and allows new members of staff as well as those fully-trained to be able to make a competent Espresso.




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